Friday, August 10, 2007

New Blogger on Campus

It looks as though a new anonymous blogger will be joining our cyber campus this year. "Douglas McCloud" brings a comment on what to expect in the next year and adds his comment on rental textbooks over at his blog, entitled Glib Replies.

From his first comments, I would say that he knows a lot more about what is going on around here than I do. In the comments, he warns us to watch out for big changes in Dempsey. On his blog, he chalks up resistance to rental textbooks to the need for bookstore profits to subsidize Reeve Union. These are details that I wouldn't have any idea about!

Welcome to a new compatriot!!


Anonymous said...

I have heard elsewhere that the bookstore is run for profit and that is why books are so expensive there. My first year teaching at UW Oshkosh, U discovered that one of my textx was cheaper new on Amazon then used at the bookstore

Anonymous said...

I bought my texts for the next semester on If I had bought my books on campus, I would have spent $137 more than I did online, including the shipping, and most of my books are new. I would never have been able to get all of them used on campus.

Anonymous said...

The chair of my department told me that the mark up on some books at campus bookstore was ah high as 50%. How they can get away with that in this age of internet shopping is beyond me. I always tell my students to look on line for better deals.

Douglas McCloud said...

Thank You Winneblogo for your welcome!

I've read you for quite some time and enjoyed your postings. I hope to add quality (if not pithy) insight to our campus happenings and if my 'glib replies' can be half as well reasoned as yours, I'll consider my blog a success

Jb said...

Why do students pay so much to buy at the UW-O bookstore? Simple: convenient return policy.

I've met very few students, especially underclassmen, who walk into a class 100% confident that they are not going to drop that class some time during the semester (This is different for upperclassmen, who may already know a particular professor or may need a specific class for their degree, etc.)

Plus, a lot of students think that by being able to resell their books at the end of the semester they are merely "renting" their texts for the term. I guess it would depend on what deals are available online to determine if they are getting a deal or not.