Wednesday, August 08, 2007

I'm Back!

LinkHello everyone!

I hope that you have had a refreshing and productive summer. I've had a quite successful summer of research, but now I am back in blogging mood.

Unfortunately, the dominant story I find is a bad one: The legislature is battling over UW funding. I thought that we were in good shape as Spring semester ended. Instead, Steve Nass intervened and convinced Republicans in the Senate to cut, cut, cut. . .

Today, the papers report that the Regents voted a 5.5% tuition increase, based on the budget that the governor has promised.

On a more positive note, Chancellor Wells is touting our reaccreditation (did anyone really think it wouldn't happen??). We aren't under any significant pressure to change our ways from the accreditors.

What will be the big issues for 2007-8?

Will another round of ugly financial crises arise?
What will happen to the Freshman experience project?
Will there really be general education reform?
Will the Chancellor head for greener pastures?

Let us speculate about the year ahead. . . .


Jim Droste said...

I, too, am excited to see what happens with the NBC Village First-Year Residence Halls. Students, faculty, and staff all put a lot of effort into the project. It will be nice to see it in action soon!

Anonymous said...

Since the chancellor has been on the job market in the past, I think it is a sure bet that he will be looking this year as well.

As for reform of general education, I suspect that we may have some tweaking here and there but no overhaul. First, UW Oshkosh is not required to change general ed. Second, if you look at the LEAP guidelines, it is possible to cliam we are already doing things that LEAP recommmends. That is we teach both quantitative and qualitiative skills, writing, anayltical inquiry, we have a diversity requirement yada yada yada. Do a little repackaging, throw in the fact that the Chancellor says we are doing adult education for the 21st century economy of the "New North" and hey presto, we have a gen ed program that meets the LEAP guidelines.

Professor Cynic

Douglas McCloud said...

Turnover in Dempsey will be one of the major stories in this academic year. Don't expect Rick Wells to be the only one leaving or job hunting.

Expect more friction with the community as we try fund the finish of the stadium (whatever it is called these days) and try to come up with our portion of the millions needed for our new academic building (for the right price, it can be named after YOU!)

And, expect that the grandoise parking ramp (which isn't going to be done on time) to not solve any parking issue because some (students and faculty) refuse to walk more than 100 yards for anything.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, students really put a lot of input into that freshman village, didn't they. Oh wait...