Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Problems when a CEO runs your university

The NYTimes this morning is running a story (reg. required) about the strife at Pace University in Manhattan. He has instituted all sorts of changes that have not helped and convinced the trustees to pay him almost $700,000/year.

The theme for the article is how university presidents are becoming increasingly estranged from the faculties.

It is an interesting read, and reminds of the increasing tensions between our own chancellor and the faculty here. I shouldn't have to remind everyone about the issues that we have faced since I started this blog, but Chancellor Wells has demonstrated quite an imperial tendency himself.

The vision of the head of the university operating like a business CEO has caused great tension for academia in many ways, but most importantly, in the structure of governance. Administrations, including our own, seem to be convinced that they don't need to follow the rules of governance and should have somethign akin to absolute power over the universities.

It is a problematic trend that reaches beyond our own discussions.

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