Sunday, January 28, 2007

Doyle Suggests More Money for us!

Everyone reports today that Doyle has put the "growth agenda" on his list of priorities for the new state budget.

This is good news! Instead of talking about how big the cuts will be, we can talk about how a new infusion of resources can help us recover from the past few years. Even if we don't get all the money (which seems likely) at least it will be a better conversation!


Anonymous said...

The details of the budget will be interesting, but the paper this morning said nothing about us and said that UWGB will get an extra 2100 students. While that will create more access in general, it will also create more competition for our campus. They already have an edge since their campus is beautiful and their dorms look like they belong in this century. We will never have private bathrooms like they have.

it will be interesting to see what goodies (if any) our campus actually gets from this.

Anonymous said...

Yep.... Diamond Jim Doyle said $225 Million more for the UW System (replacement funds for the $250 Million already cut ?). But yesterday the director of the Legislative Finance Bureau reported the State still has to balance it's books.... and it's already $1.6 Billion short. Wonder where the funding for the revised suipport of the UW is going to come from ?