Monday, October 23, 2006

Extra Credit for Barrett?

Apparently, some teachers on campus are offering extra credit for going to hear Barrett speak. The presentation is scheduled in a space that only holds 160 people, so student have not been able to get in.

Barrett has "sold out" reeve auditorium, so some students have been left out. Earns and Roter just sent out a memo, asking whoever might be giving extra credit to make sure that students can get credit for going to other activities that bracket the Barrett show.

Lets hope that whoever is encouraging their students to go will do so with a critical eye. The proponents of Barrett's visit have yet to acknowledge that there might be anything wrong with his ideas, and I have to imagine that those are the people who are giving credit for this.

Here is the memo:

October 23, 2006

To: Faculty and Staff

From: Lane Earns, Provost and Vice Chancellor
Petra Roter, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs

Re: Student Extra Credit for Attendance at Barrett Presentation

It has come to our attention that some faculty members have required student attendance at Kevin Barrett's presentation on Wednesday, August 26th. Since all of the available tickets for the Reeve Theatre presentation have been distributed, as of today, it will be impossible for any student not already in possession of a ticket to attend.

The Campus Greens, who invited Mr. Barrett to campus, chose the Reeve Theatre venue and all subsequent plans have been made accordingly. It is impossible at this late date to change the location of the presentation.

May I suggest that you offer your students the opportunity to attend not only the Barrett presentation, but one or more of the many other fine events and presentations that the campus will host over the remainder of the semester.

We appreciate your efforts to encourage student attendance at campus presentations, but we hope that you will be flexible in terms of extra-credit assignments, given the fact that seating will be limited at the Barrett event.

Thank you for your cooperation regarding this matter.


Anonymous said...

Gee, I don't know how it works at UWO, but at UW Fox, Extra Credit is optional. I would only need it if I weren't passing based on my course requirements. That seems to be an odd requirement.

S.B. said...

Go see Barrett on Wednesday, August 26th. Then go vote on Thursday, November 12th.

Lake Winneblogo said...

I'm a little dense, but I think I got the joke. s.b. is poking fun at the wrong date in the provost's email.

S.B. said...

Indeed. :)