Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wells postpones Applied Studies

Chancellor Wells posted a message to the university community today where he acknowledged the major complaints by the faculty about the Growth initiative.

First, he apologized for announcing that "University 101" course would be translated into a mandatory one. He does not, however, acknowledge that the course will not be required, only that this decision by administrators "appeared to violate the principle of shared governance." It looks a bit too much like lawyerese to me--he didn't say there will be more discussion or that the faculty might stop it from coming into being.

The second point is much less ambiguous: BAS has been removed from the program approval process pending further discussion. Thank you, Chancellor Wells!

The question for both of these is whether he will simply wait until fall or some other time and send them through the opaque governance channels without serious reconsideration of either.

Here are the relevant passages from his letter:

I was informed at the open forums that the “growth agenda” proposal included a new initiative for a required course that appeared to violate the principle of shared governance, which gives faculty primary responsibility for the curriculum. I appreciate being made aware of the fact that this course is not approved as a required course. I accept full responsibility for overlooking this error, and I want to assure you I fully respect the primary authority of faculty for the curriculum.

Also brought to my attention at the open forums were concerns about the quality and faculty input for a new degree, the Bachelor of Applied Studies. In response to these concerns, the degree program has been removed from the docket for program approval until further faculty dialogue on the subject has occurred.

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score one for the good guys