Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Time Magazine writes about Christianists

Tony Palmeri sent along this link, where Andrew Sullivan, pundit and blogger, takes up the term I have been championing for months. I feel like such a trend setter!

He describes Christianism as an ideology, politics. He suggests we should use the term for those who use Christianity to define a precise political agenda.

I am glad that he has found the value in this term--it is important to make a distinction between those who have differing interpretations of Christianity and those who try to force their interpretations into politics.

TIME.com: My Problem with Christianism -- May 15, 2006 -- Page 1

Here is a link to his blog
, where he describes his problem with the Christianist legislative agenda.


nemesis said...

Funny you should mention that commentary. He was writing from the perspective of a Christian who was angry about his religion being usurped by a vocal minority with a political agenda. He is angry at folks who take the simplistic view that all Christians are right-wing fascuists. In other words, he repudiates your view that religious folks of ALL stripes are a monolithic conspiracy out to destroy personal freedom. Yes, he hit upon your term, but his views are very different from yours.

Lake Winneblogo said...

If you had read many of my earlier posts, you would know that is not the way I think and not the way I described Christianists in my earlier postings.

You only got your knickers in a twist when I mentioned right-wing Catholics in the same breath as right-wing Evangelicals!

nemesis said...

I always get "my knickers in a twist" when folks who are allegedly educators evince simplistic one-dimensional thinking and fail to acknowledge the complexity and diversity that we humans collectively represent. Your approach makes for witty sound-bites but contributes to the dumbing down of society.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Could you give me an example from an earlier post where I have done any of this?