Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Growth Forum -- Any Reports?

I am afraid that I didn't make it to either of the growth forums with the Chancellor today.

Anyone want to report on what happened? Were faculty fears calmed? Did people leave these meetings feeling better about the Applied Studies degree?


Anonymous said...

Very few faculty showed up to the noon show and no, our fears were not calmed. At least Lane Earns agreed that we should slow down things a bit and get more faculty input.

Anonymous said...

At the meeting, both the Chancellor and the Provost acknowledged that faculty raised concerns that ought to be addressed. Both indicated that the approval process needs to be slowed down, and I view that as a positive development. Given that the semester is almost over, I assume this means that approval of the BAS program will not appear on APC’s agenda this semester.

I don’t know if it’s fair to ask if faculty fears have been calmed, but the need for more faculty input has been acknowledged.

Anonymous said...

Last year at this time, Wells and Earns promised faculty input on the growth plan. How good was that promise?