Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Lots of sexual harassment at U.S. colleges

In more good news about the quality of higher education in the U.S., the AAUW reports a study that says that 62% of college students have faced some sort of sexual harassment and 32% say they were victims of physical harrassment.

It's always nice to see another story about the healthy lives of undergraduates!

CNN.com - Study: Sexual harassment at U.S. colleges - Jan 24, 2006


jody said...

Anybody who thinks this is news is living in denial. Not being snide to you personally Winnie, but...

Denial about this subject is part of American life and will be for a very long time. Maybe the "news" part of it is that people were honest about it - briefly and on an anonymous survey.

But put names to the events and imply that "something should be done" and people overwhelmingly do not care and do not want to hear about it. And they get very, very angry if you make them. Think of the dynamics surrounding any prominent harassment case, from the Thomas/Hill situation to Bill O'Reilly. Saying the words "Sexual Harassment" is about like a Harry Potter spell - say them and some nasty stuff starts to bubble up out of the ground.

I was going to write a book about this - there aren't that many out there - but, well, add it to the pile of things I'll never write...

Lake Winneblogo said...

It is news only because the AAUW is trying to draw attention to it.

I think that the idea is to remind the public that there are more significant problems of harrassment on college campuses than that of supposedly agenda-pushing professors.

There is no overt mention of the right-wing attacks on harrassment by "liberal" professors, but we should keep this context in mind.

Isn't it better to see this story in the headlines, rather than another Ward Churchill one?