Monday, January 23, 2006

Discussion on taping professors

In order to save myself the work of complaining about the idea of taping lectures to "out" liberal professors, I post these links.

Babblemur shakes his head (I assume negatively) here.

Tony Palmeri notes that it has all been done before at his blog.

Finally, a graduate student in english comments here on the real financial problems facing higher ed and wonders why these critics don't worry about them.

Inside Higher Ed :: An Idea Too Dangerous to Ignore

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Janine said...

I'd have to agree with the Inside Higher Ed. article. There are so many more important things that students have to deal with, taping prof. viewpoints is not one of them.

Those who are having such a huge prolem with profs. comments and trying to change those comments/viewpoints, really have no idea what the real problems for students are. Everyone is entitled to their opinion.

They need to really look at the real problem of affordable education for students, salaries that are fair in order to keep high-quality teachers -- those are needed.