Friday, January 13, 2006

Clips from working paper on RA's

A reader sent a copy of the working paper about RAs for the UW system. I'll just excerpt the concluding principles here:

I. RAs are expected to work with student residents to create an open, inclusive, and
supportive residential community.
II. RAs are expected to encourage student engagement in campus activities and
organizations, and to promote opportunities for student residents to explore their values
and beliefs.
III. Because the University encourages student engagement in campus activities and
organizations as an essential component of students’ educational experience, and
because individuals holding RA positions are students, RAs are encouraged to
participate in campus activities and organizations.
IV. The University, as employer, has the right to establish reasonable restrictions on RA
activities as a condition of employment, due to the unique requirements of the RA
V. RAs should not use their position to inappropriately influence, pressure, or coerce
student residents.

These principles seem to be good ones and should lead to the exclusion of bible study in RAs dorms. We'll see if the Christianist legislators will accept it, or howl that they are being discriminated against.


jody said...

Thank you for the update, O Vigilant One. Yes, it does look encouraging. Have a good weekend.

Anonymous said...

I dunno ... As I read III, I'm thinking, "... and evangelical Christian organizations are recognized on campus, so RAs can belong to them and take part in their activities." Maybe not, but I can see it leading that way.

But overall, these talking points *do* sound reasonable.

Anonymous said...

They'll still be allowed to participate in religious groups and even lead those activities - just not in their rooms (or anywhere in the residence hall).

Lake Winneblogo said...

The new written policy will give some consistency to the system. Because an RA refused to accept that holding bible studies in his dorm room was exclusionary and made others uncomfortable, we need a system-wide policy.

This will be back to bite the UW system in butt next budget cycle!