Tuesday, January 12, 2010

National Textbook Rental Coming?

Barnes and Noble getting into the textbook rental business.  Read the story here.

The rental fee will be 42.5% of the new cost.  This seems worse than the used book market, but if there is a new edition, I suppose it might work.

How is our own local rental business doing?  Is it still here? 


Anonymous said...

First I would like to comment on the fact that textbook rental 101 is still in operation. Secondly and more importantly I wanted to let you know about a new initiative the University has developed called Core-Concepts. This intitiative recieved a $296,000 grant from the Fund for the Improvement of Post Secondary Education (FIPSE). Use the link below to read more about Core-Concepts in the Chronicle of Higher Education. This is a great example of students and faculty working together to find solutions to the raising textbook costs!


Anonymous said...
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Working To Make A Living said...

My last semester at UWO I was fed up with book prices. found sites which sell international editions of bio,geo text books at a third of the cost. I've been away from school for 2 years will continue to purchase from websites selling very cheap international editions of textbooks.

Anonymous said...

You're way out of the way for students. More gas (not economically friendly) and Harry's Bookstore is renting books too. Plus they are much closer.Not to mention they have more titles to rent than 101!

Anonymous said...

Textbook rental 101 is not even openmmost days and hours. If you cared about the students you'd be open to be there for us. I'll shop down the street thank you. They have rentals, too!