Monday, November 02, 2009

Obscene Pay for University Presidents

You may have seen this story, as it seems to be showing up everywhere today. 23 college and university presidents make over $1 MILLION dollars a year.

It is phenomenal that this continues to get worse. These institutions take their students' money and throw it at their administrators. If the president makes this kind of money, how much do the lower ranking bureaucrats make?

This will, of course, trickle down to public institutions, as the consultants all claim that we have to be "competitive" with such a ridiculous waste of money.

I bet they didn't have to take any "furlough" pay-cuts!


Lammers said...

If someone at a university is going to make that sort of money, I'd rather it be the chief executive than the football coach ...

Anonymous said...

Those who bemoan the spending habits of public institutions would do well to remember this example of spending in the "private sector."

But maybe this is why Wells goes out & looks for jobs every now & then... We're clearly not paying enough :)