Monday, September 21, 2009

$99 a month to replace us

Washington Monthly runs a piece hyping a new internet startup company that promises a college education for $99 a month.

I've seen this company hyped in a few other places recently. The argument is that education is just another commodity that can be traded on the internet. He argues that we are caught in a "debt fueled tuition spiral" and that we only traffic in information.

It hardly seems worthwhile to refute the ridiculous assumptions that underlie these claims. Whoever the PR people for are, they are doing a good job getting their message out.

We have always known that there is room for on-line courses in higher education. To imagine that there will be only on-line courses is a vision of education that promises a truly uneducated world.

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Working To Make A Living said...

What do you mean by education? If we both can agree on the assumption most people in positions of influence have had secondary educations e.g.: college. Since you folks on this site like evidence we can just look at the evidence of college educated people in positions of power making decisions on topics such as, the environment, economics,politics and human rights, you get the picture. If by "education" you mean help one make better decisions, ( I don't want to argue about the word better.)i think somethings not working and we do need to change our educational system. Stop turning out corporate jock sniffing clones.