Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Stanley Fish likes a Core Curriculum

Welcome back! With school starting soon, I am spending more time on the internet again and find much interesting to read. Here are just a few:

This morning's NY Times has Stanley Fish calling for a core curriculum so that students and faculty can have a common conversation.

Yesterday, I was reading the interesting discussion about whether teachers need an education degree.

And finally, Maureen Dowd writes about anonymity of bloggers. With the beginning of new year, I wonder if I should continue my own anonymity. . .


basmo said...

"I wonder if I should continue my own anonymity. . ."

Yeah, I don't think it matters much any more, no one's here ...

[insert sound of crickets chirping]

Anonymous said...

I'm a follower, silently 'til now, and I have to say that I wondered what happened. Part of me thinks that the summer is prime blogging classes to interfere. But then I also understand that one does what one can to avoid prepping classes (small joke). In any case, I hope you keep it up, anon or not. UWO needs an unofficial voice keeping tabs on things.

Douglas McCloud said...


You and me and JB is it for anon bloggers on campus. When I first started reading your blog, you captured some really topical things on campus an you hooked me.

You are very well read on campus and I've heard, seen and been a part of numerous discussions as to who you are. I thought I knew for quite some time who you were and others also agreed but a few things threw us for a loop and you still are a mystery. Likewise, I think I've figured out JB a time or two only to have a few loops change my mind.

It is fun blogging anon. More than once I have people ask did you read Winnebloggo today or did you read Glib Replies and then wonder aloud who is behind the curtain.

Stay behind the curtain as I continue to do. There is plenty of room!

Anonymous said...

No one reads Glib replies more than twice. He doesn't post, and when he does, it's stupid. He should continue to cower behind his curtain.