Monday, May 04, 2009

Faculty Advocacy Committee Tries to Create Buzz

I was looking at the Northwestern this morning to see if any schools had closed because of swine flu, and noticed that the Faculty Advocacy Committee has created a blog on that website.

So far, it contains interviews with Merlain Angwall and B. S. Sridhar.   They are, of course, very nice profiles of two interesting members of our community.

I don't know whether these blogs gather much attention, but it looks like a nice beginning foray into the world of electronic promotion for this group.


David Siemers said...

Thanks for your post. There are earlier profiles as well: Bill Wacholtz (Chemistry), Chad Cotti (Economics), and Jen Szydlik (Math). We are hoping to continue posting profiles at the rate of one every week or two. The campus community can help us by suggesting interesting faculty to profile, then getting that person to fill out the questionnaire that we will provide you, and by writing a short introductory paragraph about what makes that person neat and interesting.

Like you, the committee wondered about how widespread readership would be. Perhaps you would consider adding the blog as a link to your page, Lake Winneblogo.

Thanks go to Ken Price in Math who does the work of proofreading and posting.

David Siemers, Chair
Faculty Advocacy Committee

Lake Winneblogo said...

I put the link up, but I still only see two profiles.

We need all the buzz we can get!