Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buy your Paper in Manila

The Chronicle of Higher Ed has an interesting article about the international market for college papers.

In it, we learn that a company in the Philipines is having great success writing student essays for Americans.  The students here pay  $20-30 a page to have writers somewhere else to their homework for them.

I posted on a similar topic a few year ago --google banned links to paid term papers, but obviously students are finding their way without google's ads.

The article gives an interesting look at the shady world of having your papers written by someone else.   It is just another sign of the issues that we have written and talked about--the devaluing of a college education.  Those who hire someone to write their papers don't think of college as anything more than a a path to a necessary piece of paper.

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Working To Make A Living said...

Hear is an example of studies that are not replicated, just peer reviewed. The issue concerns pain management. The article is in Scientific American. Maybe this researcher had his papers written for him.