Thursday, October 16, 2008

Were in Big Budget Trouble!!

Doyle announced yesterday that he expects there to be a 3 billion dollar hole in the budget for the next biennium. 

Chancellor Wells informs us that he has been asked to reformulate the budget with a 10% reduction.  He mentions that there is also a good possibility that our budget will be reduced for the final year of this budget cycle.

Even though we know well that universities play an especially valuable role for the state when the economy slows and citizens are looking for retraining, I don't think the legislators are going to give us much protection.

What do you think we will lose this time around?  

1. Cancelling of current searches?

2. Losing our miniscule raises?

3. Increasing class size?

4. Cancel the new building?  The My Two Cents blog at WOSH radio proposes that (he also posted nasty comments about the "rich, spoiled" students who attended the John Kerry rally yesterday).

Any other speculations?


Working To Make A Living said...

I think they will crank up tuition. As far as the blogger My two cents is concerned, he/she is not qualified to have an opinion. According to a University of Chicago study,38% of people are not entitled to have an opinion. I believe the folks at WOSH fall into said category. I have posted the link to the journal where article appeared.

Anonymous said...

In the last decade students were screwed over by having yearly tuition raises that exceeded inflation. Faculty were screwed over by having their raises not meet the level of inflation. All the while the state's economic pie was growing. We were cut because of a lack of political will (on the part of Democrats to stand up to the Republicans who see public education beyond k-12 as a nuisance). If that's what happened when we had growth, I dread what's going to happen when we have an economic contraction.

Anonymous said...

If U.W. System Administration had ANY credibility with the Legislature and Citizens of the State we wouldn't be in this mess.