Thursday, October 02, 2008

Angry Republican Student Letter in Northwestern

This letter ran in the Northwestern on Tuesday.  The student complains that there are no Republican events on campus.  

I don't know what is going out on the student email lists, but the biggest initiative on campus is the American Democracy Project, which is a non-partisan attempt to register students and get them engaged in the process.   I have seen the posters around campus, so I imagine they are one of the tables in Reeve that the author is complaining about.

Ironically, when I look at this campus I see apathy across the spectrum.  Compared to almost every other campus that I have been on, there is NO student activism.  It would be great for the atmosphere around here if there were really were raucous rallies in support of candidates for president.   To see students join in something with real passion and enthusiasm would make my day!

Instead, we see most of our students sort of shuffle through class with little emotion or engagement--too busy with jobs or sports or parties to pay much attention to the large, important issues we face.

This student should get involved with the Campus Republicans, organize some speakers, and make her voice heard on campus.  If she had the energy to write the paper, why hasn't this turned into activism here??


Anonymous said...

That letter made the whole student body look like idiots. Almost immediately, several people posted info on the campus Republican group, implying the student was too lazy or stupid to search the university website and look it up for herself. It was a real embrassment to the whole university.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what campus you are on. I have never seen more enthusiasm or support for an election before. Record voter registration. Record volunteers. The Campus Dems have seen a huge turnout. UW-Oshkosh had the highest turnout of students as a % of campus than any other campus in Wisconsin. Other faculty I speak with say the engagement is high.

Anonymous said...

Its never been the same since that one guy, Nate Nelson, finally graduated. The college republicans and NRA were built on his wide girth.

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! That's the nicest thing that's ever been written about me on this blog.
-Nate Nelson

Anonymous said...

I propose an affirmative action program for Republicans. Any time we get a Republican president who drives us into the ground for eight years and lowers Republican morale sufficiently among the student body that they hardly have a presence on campus we should only admit those who, like this young lady, are die-hard right wingers. Then we''ll be fair and balanced!

Jeff Herzig said...

See Nate I told you that a few people on campus besides me actually liked you!

Hope all is well!