Sunday, September 14, 2008

Right Wing Internet Site attacks LERT Learning Outcomes

I was googling around this evening and came across this site, called The Torch.  They have an article criticizing the new learning outcomes because it has sustainability listed there.

Apparently, sustainability is part of a secret attempt to repress freedom of speech at UWO.  Who would have thunk it??  Those environmental studies types are taking over and we never even noticed.  Wait until the Torch get wind of the fact the we are now a fair trade university. . . 

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Anonymous said...

While FIRE does some laudable work in some oparticualr cases, they are very selective when it comes to programs they find objectionable. For instance they find 'knowledge of sustainability and its applications' problematic but have no problem with 'civic knowledge and engagement'. If they were truly interested in intellectual freedom, they would also object to promotion of the latter over alternatives. In other words, it is not a values based education to which they object; it is particular values which conflict with their own ideological tendencies to whcih they object. Given their inconsistency, it is an organization I cannot take seriously despite their occasional good work.