Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Provost Earns Flees!

The Chancellor announced today that Lane Earns will become the interim chancellor at UW-Parkside!

I remember seeing that the person chosen to be chancellor recently withdrew because he was under criminal investigation at his own school.

Now we are losing a very important person here on campus for the next year, at the least. Whatever my disagreements with Lane have been, he has generally defended academic interests on campus.

This loss worries me, as it may bring even more turmoil for LERT and other important initiatives on campus!


Anonymous said...

What is LERT?

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Lane will return, he always had the interests of the faculty at heart

Anonymous said...

LERT is an important initiative??!! Please. What a waste of time. A committee spent a year to say, "We like liberal education, and guess what, everything we teach is part of a liberal education." We should have the good sense to be embarrassed by the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

WOSH has been reporting that Wells has said that he would appoint an acting Provost asap and start a search for a new one very soon ? Sounds like he's gone for good if radio reports are correct.

Anonymous said...

Lane looked out for academic interests on campus? Please, the man is a joke.