Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Alan Hartman to be interim Provost

The Chancellor announced that Alan Hartman, Dean of COB, is going to be the interim provost next year.

I don't know anything about him.  Has he done a good job for business, from a faculty perspective?  Should we look forward to any big shakeups next year?


Bill Wresch said...

Relax. He does a great job, works hard, and supports faculty. He will not make any major changes, but will ensure that things continue to function well. He has been a prof in COLS as well as COB, and has been here many years. He was a great choice for Provost and will serve this campus well. Wells got this call right.

Bryan L. Bain said...

I agree with Bill's comments. Al is an excellent choice for interim provost.


Anonymous said...

There are so few resources left in the humanities to shift to the business college that there is little damage he can do in one year.

Anonymous said...

They hit a homerun on this particular appointment.

"Sometimes even a blind squirrel finds a nut."