Wednesday, December 12, 2007

University asks students for money for Sports Complex

I noticed this article on the University home page this morning. The Foundation has gone to the students for an additional $700,000 for the Oshkosh Sports Complex.

I wonder if this doesn't smack of desperation. I have heard Art complain about the problems of raising money for the OSC before. Is he turning to the students because the community seems to be tapped out for this project? There is a big gift from the Convention Bureau, so do we think there will be little more money to be given to finish the project?

Does the fact that students are going to have to pay for part of the sports complex bode well for the much larger amounts we have to raise for new building? Let's hope not!


Anonymous said...

Yeah, because the Advance-Titan did not publish a story about this first...

Their story was mooched from the December 3 issue. Give credit to them when it is due.

Hell, let's applaud the New York Times for Woodward and Bernstein's work in the Washington Post!

Anonymous said...

The Advance-Titan is a bit of a joke anyway.

Regardless, credit should have been given--not here, but on the University's webpage. It's not the job of Winneblogo to track down where the UWO webpage gets their stories.


Anonymous said...

The various building projects on the horizon for UW Oshkosh will be funded by different sources. As an example, the new academic building already have funds allocated by the state. IU don't think students will be asked to pay for every upgrade on campus.

Student said...

We'll end up paying for it. Just add it to the list.

And so you don't piss and moan like you did with the Wellness Center, you're welcome to enjoy it on our dime.

As a side note, please don't ever reveal your identity. I'd hate for you to turn out to be one of the many UWO professors I enjoy.

Lake Winneblogo said...

You know, I discovered that it the fact that I have to pay to use the Wellness center isn't the student's fault at all.

It has to do with an agreement with the YMCA--they are afraid that if we have good, cheap facilities on campus, we won't join.

I'll still complain, but I'd like to know the dynamics of the agreement the administrators made with the Y.