Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Invasion of

Rumor has it that has expressed an interest in filing a request for SOS student evaluations and grade distributions for their website.

The OSA is considering whether to partner with the site in getting more data about professors and courses on-line.

The site itself looks a lot better than the snarky ratemyprofessor. I would be interested to see some of the information that pick-a-prof promises.

It sounds, however, like there is great fear among the professoriate that having this kind of information available will cause trouble. Various groups have been discussing ways to make it difficult for the website to get the information.

Personally, I am not particularly upset by the idea of having more information about our courses on the web. I suppose it might be bad to allow someone else make a profit from all the data that we collect and collate. Wouldn't it benefit students to know more about each of us before they enter the classroom?

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Bill Wresch said...

I am always disappointed to hear student claim, first that SOS scores are meaningless, and second, that they are hidden. When I give them Debbie Busse's email address and show them that they can have access to all these scores, it is always a shock to them.

it seems to me we need some student leadership that is willing to spend a few minutes setting up a website or at least informaing their fellow students about the process for getting these scores.

As long as people think we are hiding something, they will think scores are terrible, professors are terrible, and the only reason people keep their jobs is that terrible evil -- tenure.

If the student government can't figure out how to inform students how to get SOS scores, maybe our administration should do it for them. Waiting around for some company to profit off public data just seems stupid.