Thursday, November 08, 2007

Goats run away

In a flash of good sense, students organizers canceled the "Run with the Goats" drinking bash this weekend.

It is amazing how much bad press this generated for UWO--it seemed to be on the 10PM news every night this week and, of course, made the Northwestern on a regular basis.

As the organizers rightly pointed out, a Saturday night of drunken revelry is not unusual for our students, but having 600 drunk students crawling through downtown just can't be a good thing.

I wonder what the administration threatened the Goat Pack with to bring this scheme to an end. They sounded pretty chastened when they were interviewed last night.

Personally, I am not sure that this is any worse than normal behavior for college students on the weekends. It might even be nice to funnel some of the wasted money towards charity, but it sure was a blight on our image.

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chuck d said...

Oh, come on! Is this how we treat student groups? Do what we say or we'll send nastygrams implying that the organizers are in jeopardy as students? Or make "suggestions" in the hopes that the chilling effect of fear of liability will do the job?

I'm disappointed that these students ran out of energy defending their project from an endless stream of hysterical fear and baseless accusations, but who can blame them?