Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Will VSA chase away the feds?

One of Chancellor Wells arguments for the VSA is that it will keep the feds from regulating our business.

Here is an article from from the spring that addresses this issue. Do you believe it? I think that the push for standardized testing at every level has lost much of its momentum, especially as NCLB is in jeopardy of renewal in congress.

Besides which, is pressure from those who know little about what we do the best way to make educational policy?


Anonymous said...

We don't really have a choice.

Apparently system has decided that Wells has a good idea and all the UWs will be reporting this info in the next few years.

Why do we even bother having meetings about this????

Anonymous said...

In response to the previous comment.

UW System has not adopted nor approved VSA or any other device for a system of accoutability. This issue of becoming more transparent and accountable is being examined by most institutions of higher education. The idea is that students, and more likely their parents, can make more appropriate comparisons between comparable schools and make the appropriate choices based on the information provided. It is clear that some system of common accountability is being asked for and that UW Oshkosh is taking the lead by looking into adopting a method (VSA) that will address this. Inevitability of a concept doesn't mean we should abdicate our responsibility to carefully and thoughtfully review all aspects of an intiative like this one.

We have meetings on this because by being in the lead we can direct what system would be the best to use (VSA or another) and what kinds of reporting information we would like to see presented. Otherwise, we will be following whatever somebody else decides for us and I for one am never in favor of that.

Lake Winneblogo said...

I am intrigued by this commenter. I assume it is the same person who posted earlier about the VSA. This is someone deeply invested in the process and knows much more than I do about the process.

Could it be the chancellor himself??

Douglas McCloud said...


If you've sat through any meetings with the both the provost and the chancellor, it rings more of the provost than the chancellor.