Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Shut down UWO?

The governor yesterday threatened to shut down the university system for Spring semester if the budget impasse is not resolved soon.

This is an interesting new attempt at brinksmanship. I have trouble believing that it would actually happen. More likely, however, is a round of course cancellations and cutbacks if the legislators don't get a budget passed. I have also heard talk of a new surcharge for students, starting in the spring.

Do you think we'll be shut down?

It would be an interesting political moment. I wonder if it would generate any outrage. Perhaps we'll find out. I guess I should start saving now, just in case. . .


Anonymous said...

The worst that will happen will be that some classes will get canceled and some part time faculty will be laid off.

The budget will be passed before January because the current situation hurts businesses and local governments and they will put enough pressure on Madison for some kind of deal to go through

Anonymous said...

Doyle should be impeached.

Anonymous said...

Why impeach Doyle for budget cuts to UW?

Lake Winneblogo said...

We should be happy that Doyle held out for doing the budget as a whole.

If they had separated us out from K-12, we would be in big trouble!

I also am glad that he finally remembered that education doesn't stop at high school.