Monday, June 25, 2007

UWO bashed across state

If you looked at the Oshkosh in the News email, you'll find that we are reaping bad publicity across the state for our US Bank deal:

Journal-Sentinel editorial

Letter to the editor in Madison

I suppose the administration hopes it will all blow over, but they should break the cycle of bad press and bad decision-making and get out of this deal!


lammers said...

I just want to know where these newspapers and their investigative reporters were two years ago when this was first happening and some of us were raising a stink about it. It wasn't as though it was some huge secret -- thousands of people knew about it as it was being implemented.

Anonymous said...

There's lots of deals like this; eg with computer companies.

But while we're at it complaining about the bank card thing, why support any bank cards? My understanding is that bank cards are much higher risk than credit cards.
If someone steals it they can get all the money, right? People did used to get by with...hold on to your hats...
writing checks and going to the bank back when I went to school. Do students really "need" the risk of this?

Anonymous said...

bars don't take checks