Thursday, March 01, 2007

More Lovin' for the Profs

In honor of "A Day without Feminism," I bring you a throwback to a worse time. A professor at UCLA wrote an article today arguing that romance between faculty and students should not be completely banned. He claims the codes that ban such liaisons violate the "right to romance." For him, as long as the issues of status inequality and favoritism are addressed, profs and students should have the right to go at it.

Seems kind of creepy to me. Is he one of those aging professors (probably with carefully quaffed hair) out trolling for gullible undergrads? I have seen many of this type in my travels. I can't imagine giving them free reign to abuse their status and demean the profession . . .


Joe J. said...

Hey c'mon now...old creepy guys need love too

Anonymous said...

It's definitely a difficult problem. One of the biggest issues is the bias against women that is so ingrained in our culture.
If people think student Boopsie is a "special friend" of Prof Friendly, they will inevitably assume she is a talent-free idiot and would've flunked out if not for the perks of the alleged relationship with the prof. There's a lot of negatives for the Boopsies of campus, especially if they do have a relationship with the Prof and then it falls through.
It is extremely likely that Boopsie will then get supremely negative treatment from Prof Friendly, regardless of who pulled the plug on the romance.

I think the problem would be improved if there were indeed more emphasis on dealing with the relationship fallout instead of just telling people "don't do it".
Typically everyone gets a rotten deal if one of these relationships gets publicized as was the case in the Paul Barrows case at UW Madison.