Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Junior Faculty Grievances

As I glanced at my calendar this afternoon, I realize there was a meeting discussing a survey given to young faculty earlier this semester.

Unfortunately, I didn't go. Did anyone? What do the younger faculty members think about this institution?

As one of those who hasn't been here very long, I would have to say I am fairly satisfied with UWO. I have great colleagues and a supportive environment.

My biggest grievance would have to be the finances, which are only partly in our hands. We have significantly lower salaries than other institutions and are unable to fill the dozens of open positions on campus.

Now if I could only get the students to talk in class . . .

Any grievances out there? On what should we be focusing our attention?


Anonymous said...

I find the faculty here to be good, honest people who usually avoid the pettiness or back stabbing that I have seen in larger universities. I chose UWO for the university and not the city.

My complaint is with Oshkosh. It is not supportive of the university. I was fortunate to live in some good college towns/cities but Oshkosh cannot come close to them. I remember moving here and meeting some neighbors who asked what my spouse and I were doing for a living. They immediately began criticizing the places we were working. There was a definite anti-white collar bias in the neighborhood.

It is tough recruiting new faculty because of our weather, the political climate and community culture.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Besides the fact that you have to drive if you want to find any culture, I don't mind living in Oshkosh.

I have a kid in school and I think that they are doing a great job. The YMCA provides great recreational activities. We even have a Thai restaurant in town!

Oshkosh is no Madison, but I've lived much worse places during my academic journeys!

For me, the town makes it more likely I will stay.