Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Horowitz and Berube have lunch

Here is a story from the Chronicle of Higher Education about inviting David Horowitz and Michael Berube to have lunch together.

As I read the article, I have trouble deciding whether it is real or a work of imagination. I enjoyed it anyway!


Anonymous said...

You spend a lot of time reading the Cronicle of Higher Education, don't you?

Not that it's a bad thing.

babblemur said...

No it isn't - in fact I was reading that same interview in the Chronicle (paper edition) over lunch today!

Wait a minute - maybe I am Lake Winneblogo...

Lake Winneblogo said...

Hey, I always scan the major academic sites. (Luckily I found a user name and password through google that lets me access the current issue.)

Most days I don't have any significant opinions. (wait, some would say I never do!)

I, however, like to post things that are interesting to me and keep my posting consistent.

If only I could get Babblemur to post for me, it would save me a lot of trouble!

Anonymous said...

It wasn't so much a criticism as a gentle ribbing. I enjoy winneblogo for the insight into life in academia and life as faculty at UWO.

There's something to be said for consistency but variety is the spice of life! That's all :)

Disclaimer: This should not be read as an assertion of the superiority of my own blogging, which by my own admission is awful(ly uninteresting).