Monday, December 04, 2006

Academic Indoctrination: Does intro Econ push students to the right?

This article raises the question as to whether the way economics is taught today is inherently biased. The economic model of the Chicago school emphasizes efficiency over fairness. Survey courses teach students that this is the highest value and should triumph over any other thoughts.

This debate has been all over the blogosphere for a while now, and generally asks whether economics has become ideologically driven. Should one accept this model as the best for society?

Practically, the free-market model is being rejected all over the world--yesterday's resounding reelection of Hugo Chavez demonstrates that.

In the academy, is economics our answer to those right-wing critics. Every student gets their free-market propaganda in Econ 101? Does it balance out the claimed biases in English or History?


S.B. said...

Well, I made it through Intro to Micro relatively unscathed, but I had a good professor who challenged us to think about both sides of an argument. I remember not being a fan of the textbook, however, for that very reason - biased statements about why the free market is awesome.

This is also why I think the econ department here should have stayed in COLS instead of moving to COBA.

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks, S.B. I was hoping to get some student input, being that I have never taken econ on this campus.

My Econ 101 was a glorification of free-market economics, with nary a discussion of how the models might fail.

I don't know what the department here is like.