Thursday, November 02, 2006

Profs to be photographed in action!

I have to post this story from Rate my professors is going to add photos to their reviews of professors!

It is going to encourage students to take photos of their professors with their camera phones and post them on-line. Now we'll get to see who really deserves those chili peppers!

Apparently, it has already happened to someone here. Judith Thorpe, identified as a recent retireee, had some part of her lecture posted on youtube. Insidehighered mentions her story in a link.


Tim Gleason, Journalism, said...

The leading text in photojournalism, Ken Kobre's Photojournalism, states that, in general, photographs can only be taken in the classes of public universities with permission. My colleagues who teach media law can confirm if this applies to Wisconsin as well, which I think it does.

It seems there are both legal and ethical issues here.

lammers said...

I beat them to it. *I* sent in my own picture, one I like. You can see it here: