Monday, November 06, 2006

Professor assaulted on campus!

A letter to the editor by Simon Sibelman in the Northwestern revealed that he was 'physically assaulted' on campus by three men who objected to the fact that he was wearing a Vote No on the constitutional amendment button.

I hope that there will be an investigation. Who were these thugs? Where were the campus police? If he reported this crime, why haven't we heard about it before? If not, what sort of climate reigns on campus that he didn't feel it would do any good?

A campus republican gets a story in the Northwestern for a spurious death threat, but a professor gets assaulted and there is nothing?

What is wrong here?

BTW, Simon's letter is the second one down.


Frank J Doster said...

Three weeks ago or so I was walking home from my Tuesday night constitutional law class. When I reached the corner of Wisconsin and Church Street I hear this, “hey do you like guys”. I didn’t pay any attention. I kept walking and again I heard from up in the balcony someone yells, “do you like guys”. I thought to myself WTF, and told them to go (F)(*&^) themselves. All hell breaks lose three guys start yelling get that guy. I kept walking. Then in front of me I see a person back out of the driveway and the people in the balcony yell, “get that guy”. He pulls his truck across the sidewalk so I cannot go further. I then thought to myself “o crap” so I pull out of my jacket a pocket knife.. I kept walking. The truck blocks my path the person inside opens the door and puts one foot on the ground. I then hear, “get that SOB” from one of the people on the balcony. The person in the truck does not get out but opens the door slightly and asks me what did I do – I could see he was drunk-so I tell him exactly what I had said in reply to, “hey do you like guys.” I also tell him he should not get out of the car, that this is not worth it, and I told him I was going home. He then closes the car door and I keep walking which takes me behind the truck. Then I hear, “run him over”. I keep walking. By the time I was behind the truck one or two of the drunk guys had made it from the balcony to the street and from behind me I hear yelling and then a full can of beer narrowly misses my head and splashes on the street. I kept walking. I made it home and immediately gave my knife to my wife and told her to get rid of it because I almost used it tonight.
I did not report this incident because I thought it was isolated. I did not report this because this is not the first time in the last 4 years on campus some idiot has threatened violence against me. Also, I am legally blind therefore the only person I somewhat saw was the guy in the truck. At the time of this writing I did call the campus police and let them know what happened. I feel that it is horrible when someone assaults someone physically for standing up for protection of others rights.

Frank Mccandless

Anonymous said...

It was in the busted section of the A-T. The campus police provide little information when it came to the incident since it is still under investigation.

The professor should go on Facebook and find a picture of the students. I bet they have an account with pictures on it.

I also suspect there has been more threats of violence to other individuals. I also bet this is why the Chancellor sent out a letter about this behavior.

The death threat was announced by a third party which was trying to make it a political issue.

Anonymous said...

Facebook won't work if it was a non-student. There is a large guy from the East Coast that has been working with the student group "Conservatives in Action" - he is NOT a student but he was questioned regarding yet another incident of harassment on campus. He's big, has a goatee/beard thing, wears a golf hat, tan coat with brown shoulders. He's all over campus.

babblemur said...

It is completely ridiculous that there is this level of hostility on campus targeted toward gays and lesbians! Students do not feel safe on campus at night and I don't blame them. What gives these students a right to physically assault and intimidate others for no good reason? Does the University need to wait until someone draws blood before it takes action? Oshkosh does not need a Matt Shepard, this needs to be stopped.

Cinderfella said...

The guys Simon described match the description of the guy and his cronies who harrassed me. I am really scared on campus and none of the administration or police are helping me at all. What can I do? Where can I go? What will put this to an end?

Dawn Vreven said...

As a member of UWO's LBGTQ Council, I can tell you that we are aware of several similar and recent incidents of physical and verbal harassment on campus. We are also very concerned about the safety of gay/lesbian/straight allies, and the (lack of) response from campus police and administration.

Winneblogo asks the question "What is wrong here?" As a lesbian, I can tell you that the answer seems obvious to me: our community views gays and lesbians, at best, as second-class citizens; at worst, as legitimate objects of hatred.

Anonymous said...

Facebook was a suggestion not a solution. If it works great.

Dawn's comment is very troubling. Unfortunatley she is probably right.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like from the above comments that these are people from outside of the community.

Jack Straw

Anonymous said...

They aren't people from the outside community--just that one huge F'er from out East. The rest of them belong to one of three groups

College Republicans
Conservatives in Action
Student NRA

and yes, there is ONE key player in all of it

Nate Nelson.

Who insists he had nothing to do with derogatory chalkings around campus, however, the night before the words "fag" and "homo" were so lovingly written on university cement, a friend and I spotted him and his cronies with posters and chalk---hmm...

I'm downright sick of this complete and utter BS on campus. I am extremely upset with administration, and I am worried about what is to come with last night's election results.

All that hard work--and it wasn't even a "gay" issue.

I digress.

Hang in there everybody.


Lake Winneblogo said...

Unfortunately, the bigots won again yesterday.

The bright light in the results was that the under 30 crowd voted overwhelmingly against the constitutional amendment. It was the non-college educated, over 50 set who came out to vote yes.

Almost 70% of those who voted on campus also voted no.

Perhaps there is hope for the next generation.

Anonymous said...

I think the biggest problem with the admendment question was that there was too much in the question and it was in the wrong place. Marriage issues should be cival law, not constitution law. More than that, I believe, was the fact that this admendment was really two questions and that made it really confusing for many, many people.