Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Legislature in PA finds no prof. bias

In the continuing saga of David Horowitz's assault on higher ed, a legislative committee in Pennsylvania has been holding hearings about the "mistreatment" of conservative students on their university campuses.

The committee could not find any problems. Here is the AP story.

I wonder if PA state politics swung back to the middle, as here in WI. The committee sure dumped this albatross in a hurry after the election.


lammers said...

I think the key statement in the entire story is the following:

"All of us learned something about how our institutions of higher education in Pennsylvania operate. I think that's really valuable," [Rep. Gibson C. Armstrong, R-Lancaster] said Tuesday.

I don't think there is a wide enough understanding of academe in government and the world at large. We see, time and time again, newspaper stories, editorials, letters to the editor, etc. that evince a lack of comprehension about universities, an underlying assumption that they are basically big overgrown high schools.

What I would not give to hear our Wisconsin legislators utter the quote above!

Wes said...

I absolutely agree with the above sentiment - I've had the good fortune, in my short time here in Western Massachusetts, to get on a first-name basis with my state representative and state senator-elect. Dan and Ben both have a clue about higher ed, but even they need more info than is often present in the media and in the halls of the state capitol.