Friday, August 18, 2006

Regents vote for big spending increases

The regents met yesterday and approved a big request to the legislature. This is not particularly surprising.

As I think about it, I find myself quite ambivalent about it. If the legislature approves the additional money for UWO, we get stuck with the ridiculous Bachelor of Applied Studies degree. It goes towards the goal of expanding the university, not alleviating any problems that we already have. It will not really address our class size problems. The students quoted don't realize that the new money won't actually help them with the issues they raise. If we get the money, all we'll hear is about how lucky and flush with resources we are!

The second issue, of course, is how deeply the legislature will cut us in the next budget cycle. The threats from republican legislators who hate the system have been flying for months. Will they decide to vote us more money? I wouldn't hold your breath!

Oshkosh Northwestern - UW Regents include $3.4 million increase for UWO in budget


Anonymous said...

Lake Winneblago, you correctly pointed out that this request is not going to help with a majority of the problems current students complain about. However increased enrollment in some of the the most popular/needed major areas (nursing, teaching) will help those specific groups of students as the proposal incledes funding for new professors, and classes.

In all reality this does next to nothing for current students but gives administration another thing to dangle out there as a carrot which they will want everyone to focus on. I'm keeping my eye on the cuts that I expect to see from the legislature, and particularly the modest tuition increase proposed. Although I no longer have to pay it, its still something I will watch. Too bad the republicans in the Legislature have something against the UW System...they sure do know how to take it out on us.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the Republicans. The $250 million cut that just about massacred the System was Jim Doyle's proposal.

Lake Winneblogo said...

You are right--legislators in Madison on both sides see slicing up higher education as the easiest cut they can make.

If you mention reducing spending on roads or prisons, you will truly see the feathers fly! But helping our citizens get good a good education and build the economy doesn't make anyone down there interested.

However, the vitriol launched by republican legislators against the universities is unmatched by anything coming from the other side.