Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Another take on Rate my professors. com

Here is another impression about, as it seems to generate endless discussion about the anonymous comments.

Is it really like being a contestant on American Idol?

Inside Higher Ed :: RateMyProfessors -- or His Shoes Are Dirty


Anonymous said...

One way to avoid the silliness of RateMyProfessor is to direct students to the campus resources that give them a better picture of professor performance. All SOS materials are open for public review in the Polk Library, third floor. If students want to use RatemyProf as a joke site, fine. But if they want more substantial information, it is available to all.

Prof. A. Nonny Mouse said...

Looking over comments about UWO colleagues with whom I am familiar, I see very very very few - positive or negative - that do not accurately describe some aspect of the person's teaching persona. Some comments are quite crass and hurtful, and yes many reveal a great deal of self-absorption, but few honestly are inaccurate. Many of us are not so sharp as we fancy ourselves.

S.B. said...

Anon. #1: perhaps those evaluation forms would have more meaning if they still had a comments section... which was taken away after a parent (or student? or both? not sure) wanted to look at them. Too bad.