Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New administrator to be hired??

Anonymous commenter to an earlier threat posted the information that the chancellor is preparing to hire a new administrator. This person will be "a marketing communication person (a new position) underneath the foundation director and above the university relations director." (from the comment)

Can this really be true? In these times of cuts and faculty vacancies, can our leadership believe that we would benefit by hiring another paper-pusher?

Tthere needs to be some outrage and angry protest before we let our resources be squandered like this!!!!

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Anonymous said...

It is true. Here is the job posting.

Here is a clip of part of the posting:

"UW Oshkosh is seeking a dynamic, highly skilled communications and marketing professional to fill the position of Executive Director for Integrated Marketing and Communications (IMC) beginning in September 2006. This Executive Director will develop and implement market communication plans to strategically position the University according to the institution's Strategic Action Initiatives (see )."