Wednesday, June 28, 2006

New administrator to be hired??

Anonymous commenter to an earlier threat posted the information that the chancellor is preparing to hire a new administrator. This person will be "a marketing communication person (a new position) underneath the foundation director and above the university relations director." (from the comment)

Can this really be true? In these times of cuts and faculty vacancies, can our leadership believe that we would benefit by hiring another paper-pusher?

Tthere needs to be some outrage and angry protest before we let our resources be squandered like this!!!!

We are "risk-averse, frequently self-satisfied, and unduly expensive"!

The national commission on higher education issued a draft report, slamming universities a few days ago. The writers describe us essentially as a failing business that needs radical restructuring to continue.

I haven't read the whole report, but it seems like a pretty nasty attack . . . .
Inside Higher Ed :: Prose and Politics

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Accreditation: A Flawed Proposal

Here is an interesting commentary about the accreditation process. It raises the much broader issue of the problems of higher education.

Professionals want to use accreditation to increase institutions standards, but the general public wants those standards to be lowered. He argues that the public wants to see their children get in and through the university without too much struggle. Higher standards make that more difficult.

The author makes a very interesting point and one to take note of as we prepare ourselves for another round of accredition that is upcoming.

Inside Higher Ed :: Accreditation: A Flawed Proposal