Monday, May 15, 2006

Academic Freedom at a Christian College

This story makes interesting reading. Patrick Henry College had 5 faculty members quit after they were not allowed to teach non-Christian texts nor question the administrations particular interpretation of Christianity.

Raw Fisher


lammers said...

"By their fruits ye shall know them."

While I support a private institution's right to pretty much do as it pleases in the way of curriculum, I am also a big fan of the idea that actions have consequences. Outside of certain like-minded circles, I cannot imagine a degree from such a place has much value relative to what it cost.

Though no longer a religious person, I am the product of Roman Catholic elementary and secondary schools. In our high school religion class ca. 1972, representatives of other faiths (whatever could be located in our Iowa town) were invited in speak. I recall the Latter Day Saints missionaries showing a film strip and passing out gratis copies of the book of Mormon, and visiting the local synagogue. The priest and nuns were very respectful of the other religions, stressing the Catholic Church's views but not denigrating the opposing views. I'm not sure why that sort of mutual respect is so hard to come by in some quarters today.

Lake Winneblogo said...

The college seems to be an unfortunate symptom of the rising intolerence to others' views on the right.

PHC looks like the perfect Christianist institution--inculcate a certain strain of evangelical christianity without allowing for any dissent.

Can you imagine what their science curriculum must look like!?