Monday, April 10, 2006

Green Bay's Growth Initiative

UW-Green Bay has proposed an even larger increase than Oshkosh-- going from 5800-7500 students over the next 6 years.

They are also going to ask for more money than we are.

No notion of improving quality in their report either-- are the regents are demanding quantity over quality from every school in the system?!

Here is the Gannett news report:Appleton Post-Crescent - UW Regents support growth at Green Bay campus

Here is UW Green Bay's presentation to the regents:

Presentation powerpoint with commentary

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Anonymous said...

You have to give them credit for trying to address regional problems. I don't think it hurts UWO to have some competition up the road. They have already passed us in quality of the undergraduate class.

Two things UWGB will never say about itself -- in 1965 it was slated to have 10,000 by 1970, and it has the highest percentage of female students in the state (67%).

That bit of trivia aside, I wish them well.