Monday, April 17, 2006

Film Nazis invade Campus

Karl Loewenstein posted an email to the COLS list, in which he revealed that the History Club has been ordered to stop showing films on campus.

Subsequent postings added that French Club, Cine club, the International Film Series, and the English club have been forced to end their movie series'.

Apparently someone in Reeve has decided that showing films violates 'fair use' law. They are then threatening to revoke funding of student organizations who commit this heinous act. Julie Schaeffer describes the attitude of the Nazis as "fairly threatening" and having scared the English club.

Who are they and who put them in charge? Are they lawyers? Are they academics? Or are they some sort of wimpy bureaucrats who are afraid of being sued by the RIAA?

It is nuts to think that I can't show a film for my class outside of the classroom. If this is true, fair use is a farce and we have no rights at all. The library should hold a movie burning party outfront, since it must be a violation to watch films that they own as well.

There have been a couple web links posted:

A story from Columbia University, where they interpret the law correctly and will allow movie series.

Tony Palmeri posted a link to the relevant US Code

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