Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Fair Use Debate Rages All Day

There have now been 33 posts to the discussion list on the topic of whether or not movie nights fit the fair use exemption. It appears that a majority of responders are upset by the decreasing space for educational movies. I am convinced by the arguments proposed by those who argue for allowing movie nights, but who would be surprised by that?

The loudest anti-fair use posting accused those who support movie nights of rationalizing illegal behavior. He also is a member of the committee that seems to have started the whole controversy (The Student Allocation Committee)

It has to make you wonder why this committee has decided to defend the interests of big hollywood conglomerates over the student groups that come before them and try to improve life on campus.

Here is an article from the Advance-Titan which we missed when it ran last month, describing what happened to the International Film Series. My favorite quote from the story is from the exemption policy, which apparently states that movies must not be "for the cultural, entertainment or recreational value of anyone present." If you watch a movie on this campus, you'd better not have any fun, or we'll yank your funding and send in the lawyers!!!!

Advance Titan Online


S.B. said...

news@uwosh.edu is supposed to be on the COLS list. We haven't been getting any of these messages. Hmm...

babblemur said...

I don't know what's happening on the COLS list, but the discussion I have been reading is on the DISCUSSION list.

Due to the frequent Racism and Homophobia on that list students aren't allowed. (heh heh, am I joking?)

Lake Winneblogo said...

That's right. it is on the list discussion.uwosh.edu. I guess the AT isn't on that one.

The discussion stopped today. It seems to have reached an impasse. As usual, there is no real avenue for any change. There is a mention of Stephen Kercher setting up a meeting with administrators. Maybe the faculty senate should take up a resolution, as well.

I imagine it will just fade away as so many other issues raised on the discussion list have.