Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Boozing off campus

Students are very excited about the "success" of their pub crawl and they haven't been able to stop writing about it in the AT.

They are very proud that 500 students hung out in bars, got drunk, but didn't get arrested.

This is a real mark of quality for our institution! They are such well-functioning drunks that they don't get arrested!

As Tony has noted over at his blog, wouldn't it be nice to have students do an art crawl or a "go to the library and do your homework for a change" crawl (I added that last one).

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Anonymous said...

We visted Kansas City during spring break and my husband and I went to the Kansas City Pub Crawl. We had no idea what it was. We went anyway and found it was a very fun time --- and it raises a lot of money for social organizations.

We didn't attend the UW-O pub crawl, so I can't make a judgement here. But, in no way is UW-O the only place that a pub crawl happens. After our trip to Kansas City, I did some research --- apparantly pub crawls are very, very popular.

Would it have been in better taste (in your opinion) if the UW-O Pub Crawl was benefiting something rather than just a time for drinking? OR do you think that pub crawls should never happen?

I'm just trying to figure out exactly what you didn't like about the pub crawl or the idea of one.

S.B. said...

Well, thanks.

The thing about the pub crawl is that if it hadn't happened, there would have been 500 students at the bars ANYWAY. The fact that they did it in an organized manner doesn't make it any more abhorrent, and in fact it was probably a little safer. It's no different than having a house party, which happens all the time.

Do we have a drinking culture problem? Of course. But the pub crawl isn't at the root of it.

Lake Winneblogo said...

I don't have anything against pub crawls in general, though I have never been on one myself. I don't even have a problem with drinking, even underaged drinking, if it is done responsibly.

The students, however, are incredibly proud of themselves for organizing a big crowd downtown that got cheap drinks from bars. They are crowing that no one got arrested, as if this should be seen as a great accomplishment. Speaking of quality organization, I heard that they didn't even bother to warn the police about their big event until the day before.

Why don't we see this sort of enthusiasm from student leaders for supporting cultural life on campus, like the showing of educational movies on campus? The faculty is worked up, but the students are off at their house parties.

tony palmeri said...

My views on this are essentially the same as Lake Winneblogo's. That the pub crawl could have been held on the same night as the monthly art walk--which I'm sure was not intentional--shows the disconnect between the community and the campus. Hillary Borchardt, one of the local artists, told me at her gallery that night that she only knew about the pub crawl because she just happened to be listening to my radio show on WRST the night before. The pub crawl seemed to be the dominant topic of conversation at pretty much every gallery that night, which I thought was unfortunate because, well, we probably should have been talking about the art. There was also a great Bill of Rights display at the Stolley studios that the pub crawlers, if their event had been on a different Saturday, would have benefited from seeing.