Wednesday, April 26, 2006

30 day rule for Summer school to be abolished

The faculty committee minutes for April 5 record that Dean Zimmerman announced that the 30 day ruleo is going to be waived for summer school.

We can breath a sigh of relief to know that we will be consistently lowering our standards across all our course offerings.

I am still upset that the whole 30 day rule was cancelled and that the various faculty representatives signed off on it without public discussion.

It does make a lot of sense after the COLS meeting last week, when the administration is demanding that we lower our standards to increase retention. They have come to believe that we have nothing special to offer and should simply produce more graduates, regardless of the quality.

You listen to all the talk about the need for more people with college degrees, you would think that the piece of paper is all that matters. When it comes to making that paper worth something, the administration is clearly working in the wrong direction. Maybe we should just sell the paper for $15,000, and we can all just go have fun doing research. Then Northeastern Wisconsin would be full of "college graduates."

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