Tuesday, March 28, 2006

What is Applied Studies?

Was anyone else puzzled by the announcement that came over the lists yesterday. Apparently we are getting ready to start a new degree program called a Bachelor of Applied Studies.

There is an information meeting about next Monday, April 3 at 11:30 - 12:30 in Reeve Memorial Union 220AB. I'll try to go, but it is a bad time for me.

What could this possibly be? Don't we already have applied studies? We call them business, nursing, education, biology, chemistry, history, journalism, etc.

It doesn't sound good. Isn't this what athletes in division I sports major in (and then don't finish)? Is this going to be another step towards watering down the quality and rigor of a degree from UWO?


S.B. said...

A Google search of uwosh.edu tells me it has something to do with nontraditional students. I'm not exactly sure what it is either. Thanks for the story idea... *wink*

Janine said...

I did a google search on Applied Studies and found many universities have this degree option. However, for most of their sites, the degree option sounds very similar to Organizational Administration. Possibly the university is just changing the name?

Lake Winneblogo said...

Thanks for your comments! The googling got me started and led me to the Iowa site!