Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A-T covers the new retake policy

Stephanie Barnard, blogger in her own right, has written a story for the A-T about the problematic new retake policy.

From the story we learn that the policy was presented to the faculty and academic staff senates and they approved it. As I have complained all along, there was abolutely no campus discussion of this change.

As I think about it, it strikes me that this policy must have something to do with retention rates. The advising staff hopes that letting our worst students stand first in line to retake classes may keep them in school longer.

My bet is that if the faculty had any real input on this policy, it would not have been changed. Is there one member of the teaching faculty out there who supports it? No one has written here and no one could be found for the AT story.

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S.B. said...

Actually, I was told that OSA approved the policy also, but I wasn't able to confirm that by press time. I suspect that if OSA had rejected it, though, it wouldn't have mattered much.

I think the problem is that this was all done 3 years ago, and is just being noticed now. Most of the students it'll be affecting weren't around then and thus didn't have a say.

Lake Winneblogo said...


Did you find student support for this policy? I imagine students with a very low GPA would be in favor, but how about those who are not in need of such a generous retake policy?