Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Study: Reading Key to College Success

ACT is selling complex reading tests, but I feel like their point is well taken. Most Freshmen can not handle the complex reading that is asked of them at college.

High school students are not learning how to read and, thus, are facing trouble when they get to college.

I had a student confess to me just today that he didn't really read. It was part of him asking if he could get special treatment on the midterm. I told him he should talk to the people at Project Success, to see if he qualified for extra help.

Study: Reading Key to College Success

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Lammers said...

Many students for whatever reason have resisted all efforts at education during their pre-college years. Say what you will about elementary and secondary teachers, the fact remains that a large proportion of their charges DO arrive at our doors in a reasonable semblence of preparedness. Some who are not in said state do have genuine learning disabilities or personal situations that compromise their ability to learn.

But far too many who are unprepared for college work are in that position through there own doing. They thought school was boring. They thought being smart was for nerds. They thought having fun was more fun. For twelve years, whole hosts of people tried to impress on them the necessity of an education, but they resisted. They laughed. They made sport. They cut class and blew off homework.

Now they've been told they need a college degree to enjoy The Good Life, much as you need a ticket to ride the roller coaster at the amusement park. So they want one. Too bad. They blew it. They've made their bed and now they must sleep in it. Actions have consequences. Perhaps with a few years of maturation and some remediation, they'll be ready to handle college. But if they are not prepared to do so now, through their own doing, then I am not going to change the rules to let them slide by. I'm an ant and I have no patience for grasshoppers.