Thursday, March 16, 2006

AP picks up trival professor bashing story

The AP syndicated the story of a retired professor at Madison who was so angry at his insurance company that he threated to blow up the building. He received a $50 fine.

The northwestern featured it as their one bit of Wisconsin news today, as I am sure did many other papers across the state.

It is the crudest of UW bashing for its own sake. How is this news or relevant to Wisconsin or Oshkosh?

I've linked to the duluth superior version of the story below:

AP Wire | 03/15/2006 | Prominent UW scholar pleads no contest to disorderly conduct


Anonymous said...

Professors should be held to a higher standard then most. A law professor making bomb threats in this day in age isn't trival. Seeing this as an attack on the UW System or higher education is.

Anonymous said...

It's clearly newsworthy _ Stanley Kutler is known around the world for his groundbreaking research and he was one of the most popular profs on campus for decades. It's also an interesting legal case that deals with free speech: In this day and age, how far can you go before people take you seriously? This is not UW bashing by any means _ in fact, some might think it's bashing the prosecutor for bringing such a charge against an old man who posed no threat.