Monday, February 20, 2006

UPDATE: Retired UWO Professor is letter author

Babblemur and Tony Palmeri both let me know that Sandra Gade, the author of the letter to the editor below, is a long-time professor in the physics department, who retired in the late 1990s.

What an interesting twist! A Christianist physics professor lurking outside biology class rooms, sniffing for the scent of evolutionary theory. Why does she know what books are being used in the biology department?

It seems a bit strange for a physicist to attack biologists, because the Christianists are going after her discipline too. Think about the 24 year old snot at NASA who was telling senior scientists that they were not allowed to present their research. He also forced NASA to change their webpages to reflect the administration's political biases. No big bang for Christianists! How soon before they turn on Galileo and demand that we teach that the sun goes around the earth?

Babblemur did a literature search and turned up an article she wrote, where she said that the chemistry of living organisms is too complex to explain. She hasn't been keeping up with the literature (there are some very cool experiments that show how the processes she describes might come about), but do you really expect Christianists to do so? I love the line about evolution as a minor religion of the 21st century!

Here is the link.


Mary said...
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Frank J Doster said...

wow, could someone explain to me what PHD stands for. I think it is important that all ideas are considered, but sneaking around in the shadows and than going strait to the media is a little low.

Lake Winneblogo said...

This is another case of not knowing the whole story. Why does a retired physics professor know about the textbook used in a biology class?

Was she an outspoken Christianist when she was on campus? How does she feel about the big bang?

Getting an advanced degree doesn't really prove anything about a person except for their perseverence. (and if you read some of my earlier posts, being a glutton for punishment)

jody said...

I thought everyone knew the meaning of these acronyms-

B.S. - Bull S*it
M.S. - More of the Same
PhD - Piled Higher and Deeper

jody said...

- so I guess depending on the individual, you're either enduring it, or flinging it.